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At Carlsberg India, our employees are at the heart of every decision we make. We are very passionate about winning and believe in winning together as a team.

Our focus at Carlsberg India is on getting the right people in the right roles, and building our capability for the future. We believe that our people are a key lever for us to achieve our ambition to be the most Successful, Professional and Attractive company in the market. Our passion for winning and making a difference every day connects each one of us together at Carlsberg India.

We believe in delivering outstanding results through our performance driven culture, where people are empowered to give their best every day. We invest in our people to enable them to keep pace with the emerging needs of our business and provide them with development opportunities to grow in their career.

We brew beer, innovate and create moments of enjoyment and happiness for our consumers and our employees. We are proud to be The Beer People and this is truly reflected in our workplace experience – open and fun!

If you believe that you have the passion to excel and the potential to achieve, you can be one of us. Send in your detailed profile to the below ID and we will be glad to connect with you when the opportunity arises.

[email protected]



For apprenticeship opportunities with us, please click on the link below which shall take you to Opportunities page on NAPS portal. Once the page opens, type Carlsberg India in ‘Search by Establishment Name’ - Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd 


ATTENTION- Carlsberg Does Not Charge Monies For Recruitment

Some unidentified persons have been using the name, brand and logo of M/s. Carlsberg India Private Limited for fake recruitment process under which citizens are being illegally induced to deposit cash in certain bank accounts which do not belong to the Company and belong to such unidentified persons.

These unidentified persons have circulated messages on WhatsApp and online media asking targeted candidates to appear for an interview at a specific date and venue and have posted a pre-condition of depositing a certain amount “security deposit” before appearing for the interview. It appears that certain citizens/targeted candidates have fallen prey to such scam which is operated by these unidentified persons and have deposited money in the bank accounts owned by these unidentified persons.

We bring it to your attention that the Company is not issuing any such advertisements for recruitment. Any and all advertisements appearing to be issued by the Company are fake and are not issued by M/s. Carlsberg India Private Limited.

The Company’s recruitment is entirely based on the merits and credentials of the potential person. The Company does not take any security deposit neither in cash nor in kind for the recruitment process.

All citizens are requested to kindly be cautious before acting upon any such advertisement whether received on WhatsApp, SMS or any other social media.