Cheers Responsibly

We are committed to creating a culture of responsible drinking by promoting moderate consumption of our products and addressing alcohol-related harm in society. We therefore aim to celebrate the positive aspects of moderate beer consumption and to position beer as a relevant and responsible choice with a role to play in the “good life” to which modern consumers aspire. However, irresponsible drinking does take place, and we are committed to combating it.

To address irresponsible drinking effectively, everyone ‒ from retailers, bar-owners, educators and parents to law enforcers, role models and, not least, consumers themselves need to be involved. Effective regulation must be supported by concrete, targeted actions. We therefore work closely with organisations across our industry to define our commitment and find meaningful ways of addressing alcohol-related issues together.

Leave Your Car Behind

Carlsberg India takes the initiative to drive home the message of responsible drinking. In its effort to advocate responsible drinking, the company urges people to leave their car behind when enjoying drinks with their friends and family. This campaign further re-instates, Carlsberg India's intent to change the attitude of people and ensure responsible behaviour.

Take the back seat

Alcohol influences judgement and decision-making skills in people who often overestimate their own abilities after drinking. Hence, to address irresponsible drinking, Carlsberg India launched the ‘Take the back seat’ initiative encouraging users to be more cautious of their actions and urged them to take the back seat instead of driving under the influence of alcohol. The campaign was aimed at helping people make the right choice and not indulge in ‘drinking & driving’.


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LSBERG - Don't Drink & Drive

We turn off our 'Car' on our iconic 10-metre logo at the top of the 21-storey headquarters in Copenhagen to celebrate Global Beer Responsibility Day and emphasising our antidrink-driving stance.

Stay in Your Green Zone

The most important thing about beer is taste. But beer is also a social lubricant that, to a certain extent, can make us relax and feel good about ourselves and others; if you stay within 'The Green Zone' that is.

At Carlsberg, we love beer, but we also know that the perfect experience is not all about how you brew it – it is just as much about how you enjoy it. That’s why we put a big effort into educating people in the right way to do this. Knowing your green zone will enable you to party longer, be more attractive and make better decisions. Basically, have a better time.

Celebrate responsibly - stay in your Green Zone!

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