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Carlsberg entered India

Indian consumers have been experiencing Carlsberg since the 1900s, much before it commenced operations in India in 2007. In 1912, McDowel & Co.Ltd., Madras, ordered the first delivery of 10 cases of quarters and 10 cases of pints each of Carlsberg Munich and Pilsener Beer. Over the years there were many companies and agents that have brought Carlsberg to India.

However, coming to India in its own identity was a matter of time and Carlsberg entered India in May 2006 by incorporating a company named South Asia Breweries Pvt. Ltd. The name was changed to Carlsberg India Private Limited on February 23, 2009 to reflect the company as a part of the Carlsberg Group.



Production begins at an acquired brewery at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh

Carlsberg Green launched

September 2007


Breweries in Alwar and Aurangabad established.


Tuborg Green launched and Brewery in Hoogly (near Kolkata) established in September.


Tuborg Strong launched and fifth Brewery inaugurated at Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh in December.

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Carlsberg Elephant launched

January 2011

In 2013, Carlsberg India inaugurated its 6th Brewery in Dharuhera, Haryana and in 2014 its 7th Brewery in Patna, Bihar was established. In January 2018, Carlsberg India established its brewery in Mysuru, Karnataka. The growth started from 5 markets in 2007 to 24 markets in 2008 to 32 markets (including Union Territories) to date.

The success of Carlsberg’s products globally and in India, can be attributed to the quality consciousness, the know-how and the technological proficiency developed by the breweries.

The impressive beer portfolio in India ranges across mild and strong segments through the international brands Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Strong and Tuborg Classic.

With brewery expansion, market penetration, quality brands and strong teams, Carlsberg India saw initial success by becoming the number 3 player in the market within its first 4 years of operation.

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Tuborg Classic with Scotch Malts launched

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January 2018

Carlsberg India establishes its new Brewery in Mysuru, Karnataka