Tuborg Unveils New Music Programme ‘Tuborg Open’ With Major Lazer Collaboration

Danish lager brand Tuborg has unveiled details of a new music campaign which follows global music trio Major Lazer on a journey of cultural discovery in collaboration with three different artists from three different countries.

The campaign, called ‘Tuborg OPEN’, aims to encourage music fans to explore and discover new global sounds – just as the trio, Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, will be doing with an original three-track series that will be revealed in June. The group, who have previously collaborated with MØ and Justin Bieber on massive hits, will use a beat that they created for Tuborg and released today, as the basis for each collaboration which will celebrate diverse music styles.

Scriptonite, Russia’s most highly praised rap and hip-hop star, originally from Kazakhstan, is the first of the three collaborating artists to be named by Tuborg, with the identities of the other artists remaining under wraps until next month (May ‘17).

Scriptonite exploded onto the Russian hip-hop scene in 2015 with his genre-defining debut album ‘Home of Normal Phenomena’ and in the same year won both the GQ AND Musicbox ‘Breakthrough the Year’ awards. 

Just as each collaborating artist will bring their own sound and signature style to the Tuborg Beat, inspired by their own authentic music journey and culture, fans around the world can do the same by accessing the beat from

The campaign will see Major Lazer feature on limited edition Tuborg bottles later in the year and will culminates in a gig this September which fans have the chance to attend.

Tuborg is a lager made for global exploration with roots in exporting both lager and music culture throughout the world. Through its decades-long history of supporting the biggest music festivals (Glastonbury, Roskilde, Monsoon and Greenfest to name a few) it has introduced ground breaking acts to music fans in Eastern Europe and Asia for the very first time. Highlights include bringing Muse and Foo Fighters to Russia, Depeche Mode to Croatia and Tame Impala to Asia.

And it’s this explorative and international spirit which united the brand with the Major Lazer and was the inspiration behind the Tuborg beat.

‘Crafting one single beat to work for three ways with distinct sounds was a great creative process for us’ says DJ and Producer Walshy Fire. ‘This project allows us to broaden our spectrum with places and people that we usually don't get a chance to work with, as well as have those people come into our world and working with us in our environment.’

‘Going into these markets is a whole brand new experience for us’ added DJ and Producer Jillionaire. ‘So it's just really about trying to learn something from them, about what they're doing and to see how we can incorporate that into the music that we're making with them, joining forces to do something that's much bigger. It's really cultural immersion in its purest form.’

DJ and Producer, Diplo explains the vision for the Tuborg Open project: ‘It's going to be the same back beat for all of the artists to work on, which is very exciting.  Our collaborators are gonna add production, or maybe take it away, but we all agreed the beat we made had to be open to interpretation.  And it’s very open-ended, but it sounds like a Major Lazer song.  We're just excited to see what people are gonna do with it.”

Diplo hopes the collaborations will inspire people. He said, ‘We know that great things happen when people are open to new influences and sounds. Hopefully we’ll inspire music fans to be open, explore more, and be inspired by new cultures.’

'With the Tuborg Open campaign and the creation of the Tuborg Beat, we’re embracing the explorative spirit of the brand’, Ashvin George, Global Marketing Manager at Tuborg, says, ‘and Major Lazer, as one of the most collaborative artists in the world, made total sense as our creative partner. They’re known for bringing together different cultures, genres, and artists which reflects what our brand has done for decades.’

Find the new beat at and stay tuned for more news on further collaborations.